Koolfoam manufactures and supplies Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) products

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Koolfoam manufactures and supplies Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) productsKoolfoam Expanded Polystyrene

Benefits of insulation

Expanded polystyrene or EPS is over 96% air making it a highly efficient insulation material that:

• can be precisely cut to shape ensuring a tight fit, eliminating heat loss

• is lightweight, fully recyclable, cost-effective

• can be installed quickly and efficiently, requiring limited labour

• is non-irritant, non-allergenic, odourless and safe to work with.


Wanting to insulate your patio or shed?

Roof, Ceiling, Underfloor, Wall Insulation

EPS offers outstanding insulation from roof to ground at an economical price:

• Use under a flat or pitched roof

• At home, patio, garden shed, garage

• Commercial buildings - factories, workshops or warehouses

EPS is:

• Resistant to water and water vapour penetration

• Resistant to attack by fungi and bacteria; EPS does not support insects or pests

• Self-supporting and lightweight

• Superior R-values per 25mm of insulation

Pipe insulation

The new dimension in thermal and building insulation products

What are graphite particles doing in expanded polystyrene (EPS)? They both reflect and absorb heat and infra-red radiation. The result is grey EPS with a new dimension in insulation performance – up to 35% more efficient than white EPS.


Pipe lagging or flat sheets

Bulk Sheeting

Cut to size - contact us for your requirements

Sheet Metal



KoolfoamULTRA pipe insulation

R value refers to the thermal resistance of a material/materials.

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